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Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe is one of the most significant and intriguing artists of the twentieth century, known internationally for her boldly innovative art. This guide provides an introduction to Georgia O'Keeffe and resources for discovering more information ab

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Collection

The art of Georgia O’Keeffe has been well known for eight decades in this country and for many years has been attaining similar prominence abroad. More than 500 examples of her works are in over 100 public collections in Asia, Europe, and North and Central America. In addition, since her work was first exhibited in New York in 1916, it has been included in hundreds of solo and group exhibitions organized around the world.

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum cares for a growing collection of artwork by O’Keeffe, including nearly 150 oil paintings, nearly 700 sketches, and important pastels, watercolors, and charcoals.  Our collections also include O’Keeffe’s personal property, including her art materials, and a significant archive of documentation and photography of her life and times.

Numerous books and articles have been published on and about O’Keeffe’s art. The resources below are just a few suggestions to explore. More overviews of her work can be found in the recommended reading lists or learn more about specific aspects of her work in publications available from the library.

Looking for images to teach or present with? Please see the Image Search and Discovery guide.

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